Styling 101: Japanese Streetwear Hoodies

How to wear a Japanese Streetwear Hoodie

Today urban styles are dominating the runways globally, but also the hearts of fashionists. Not only in the western world is it at the forefront of Japanese street style, we consider that Asians are the ones who have mastered this style as experts; especially the young Japanese community.

Korean and Japanese Streetwear fashion has become a trend and has overcome barriers, making almost all young people in the world adopt the best outfits of this style. And an element that cannot be missing in the closets of fans of Japanese street style is a good Japanese Streetwear Hoodie to wear at all times.

But how to combine it? How to be in trend with a simple hoodie? Next, we tell you how to do it.

What is street style?

Fashion has long since ceased to be associated with the exclusive and riches, now a disheveled look; but with a dominant line is what is today. With street style, city youth have managed to sweep the world of fashion by storm; bringing comfortable and everyday garments to be the trend of the moment. Here at Mugen Soul Streetwear, we emphasize on street style.

This style has nothing to do with dressing up too much, but choosing the simplest and reminiscent of a person in their day-to-day on their usual tour of the city. But of course, there are always trends that stand out more than others within the same fashions and we have to say this time the Japanese have been ahead for a while.

Streetwear in Japan and South Korea has always been far beyond avant-garde; they have always been inspired by their roots and by their “Idol” culture. But today, Japanese streetwear has developed a bit more to establish itself as unique, using everyday clothing from big cities as a true style.

And the classic fashion statement of this country's street style is the Japanese hoodie, a garment that cannot be missing from your wardrobe if you want to dominate this urban style.

Tips to master trendy street style

Of course, you are not going to base your entire outfit on a single garment; we only say a Japanese hoodie is a perfect complement to keep your street style simple. But there is much more you can do to keep up with this trend, so keep reading the following tips that will help you find your style.

1. Use the layers to your advantage

One of the main rules of street style is knowing how to play with layers and textures. This style is characterized by wearing very wide garments over tighter garments; but maintaining a good line, and always remembers the following rule of street style.

2. Stay comfortable

The above does not mean you should put layers and layers of clothing if you are at 80 ° out there; because another important rule of street style is to stay comfortable with your outfit, so do not forget that. Use the layers to your advantage to create an urban look; as if you had not put too much effort into choosing your outfit; but at the same time, it pursues comfort.

3. Play with the proportions

This advice is closely related to the previous ones; because we have already told you about the trend of wearing baggy clothes, but for some, this may not be too flattering. In this case, try to complement loose garments with some tighter ones that enhance your figure, or play with capable ones to highlight those parts of your body you want everyone to see.

4. Do not be afraid of colors

There is a prejudice that Japanese streetwear should be drab and simple, but that is far from the truth. You can have fun and choose the color palette you like the most for your street outfits; because one of the reasons why this Japanese fashion stands out is its crazy choice of colors by the most followed fashion starts and influencers.

So do not forget to give a good color palette a shot, which, combined with good use of layers and proportions, will make you look amazing.

5. Do not forget the accessories

Accessories can never be lacking in your outfit, and street style is very flexible in this regard. Therefore, you can dare to combine your Japanese hoodie with a necklace, chains, a scarf, or whatever you want, imagination is your limit.

Just remember not to overload your outfit, since it is assumed "you have put on the first thing you have seen", so we want to maintain that line. And as for footwear, a pair of combat boots or some good high-top sneakers will go well with everything.

Japanese hoodie for an urban look

It is time to add our main star to the scene; the Japanese hoodie. You will usually find them with traditional Japanese styles, with minimalist details on solid colors or even with manga themes and cult series.

But it does not matter which one you choose, because you will always have a wide-cut garment, which you can use to complement the layers of your outfit and in a color with which you can make the best combinations. And of course, we do not forget about comfort, since a good hoodie is always a comfortable garment to wear.

Now, how to combine your Japanese Hoodie to obtain a neat street style? Well, the best thing about these garments is they adapt to many other clothes. For example, with a jean underneath, an oversized overcoat, boots and the right accessories; you will have a quick and stylish outfit to go out to the city every day.

Whereas, with some sweatpants, sneakers and a highlighting head accessory it will give you a much more informal street style. So, you see, the combinations with this type of garment are abundant and they will always be a good representative of the fashion of large Japanese cities.

So, do not rule out the possibility of adding this type of garment to your closet and observe the flexibility street fashion has for all types of tastes.