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6ix9ine Grillz (Limited Editon)

6ix9ine Grillz (Limited Editon)

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Real 6ix9ine Grillz that will make you look like The King Of New York.
Our grillz has FDA approved certificate (FDA 21 CFR 175.300), So don't worry is 100% safety for your child. You can buy it as a gift or surprise for your friend. that will be a so much fun. 
  • Not Available In Other Stores.
  • Designed to fit all mouth sizes, you can quickly adjust the shape until it’s perfect for you.
  • Lining Material: 18K Gold/ 18K White Gold
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Comes with 2 FDA-approved silicone molding bars to help you customize the grillz
  • Light weight: (11.3g)

How does it work?

Molding your grillz is super easy and will take you just a matter of minutes. The included instructions will show you. 

Basically, you place the silicone molding bar inside the grillz, put them into hot water to soften the bar, and bite into it so the now warm silicone wraps and conforms to your teeth. 

Within seconds the bars will harden into perfect fitting grillz that you can wear whenever you please.

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