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Buckle Tape Belts Cargo Pants

Buckle Tape Belts Cargo Pants

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Buckle Tape Belts Cargo Pants

  • Cargo Style
  • Buckle Tape Belts Pending
  • Printed Design
  • Elastic Waistband & Cuffs
  • Zippers on the Pockets
  • Machine Washing
  • True to fit EU/US sizing

The new inn of the collection techwear style gives you exactly the most wanted bold streetwear look: the Buckle Tape Belts Cargo Pants. Its outstanding style consists of lateral buckle tape belts and multi pockets, to attract while walking around and to keep all your personal gears with you. Extra resistant and durable, maintaining its colors and fabric composition like new, even after washed several times. Available in black or camouflage version, choose your size!


175cm (5'7") / 60kg (132lbs) Size: M (standard)

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