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CB Dark Mask

CB Dark Mask

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  • The product contains a mask storage bag, which is convenient for carrying around every day.
  • The cyber mask body is made of resin material and the panel is lightly folded along the fold line.
  • The black piece upfront is a soft metal, and the degree of bending can be adjusted according to the individual nose bridge.
  • The back of the cyber mask is equipped with an elastic band on both sides.
  • The two ends of the elastic band are fixed by magnets.
  • Dust cotton filter, with two ventilation holes.
  • Two unidirectional ventilation devices.


1- Put the wind and dust filter cotton, with the pressure line side up, align with the position of the circular hole of the filter cotton and the panel.
2- Put the part of the ventilation device as shown in the figure to fix the cotton filter.
3- As shown in the figure, the opening of the nose pad, lock on the panel.

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