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Nekokiti Japanese Pants

Nekokiti Japanese Pants

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Show your groovy and cute style with the Nekokiti Japanese Style Pants. This pair of pants showcases cat prints and is available in black and green colors. It's made for casual wear.

NOTE: Japan sizes are 2x smaller than US sizes. If your US size is Large (L), the equivalent Japan size is XXL. Please refer to the Size Chart above for comparison.

A noticeable shrinking of the fabric after the 1st wash. Please wash them using a delicate setting on your machine, no bleach then hang dry.


Sizing Information In CM

XS (US) / M (JAPAN) 94cm 64cm - 67cm 91cm
S (US) / L (JAPAN) 96cm 67cm - 70cm 95cm
M (US) / XL (JAPAN) 97cm 73cm - 76cm 100cm - 101cm
L (US) / XXL (JAPAN) 98cm 79cm - 82cm 106cm - 107cm
XL (US) / XXXL (JAPAN) 99cm 85cm - 88cm 112cm - 113cm
XXL (US) / 4XL (JAPAN) 101cm 91cm - 95cm 118cm - 119cm
3XL (US) / 5XL (JAPAN) 102cm 95cm - 101cm 121cm - 122cm
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