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Strap' - Cargo Pants

Strap' - Cargo Pants

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  • Designed for style and comfort
  • Big Pockets Design 
  • Premium Cotton (96%)
  • Premium Polyester (4%)
  • Ribbons And Velcro Detail



The production materials are made of technical fabrics such as West Indian Island Cotton, Egyptian cotton GZ45, Polypropylene, Lycra, etc.`
The main components include knitted fabrics with loose fabric structure and soft cotton fabrics and lightweight polypropylene.

The main advantages are  high activity, multiple storages, easy warmth, and moisture absorption

  • Water content reaches 8%-10%, keep fit and avoid stiff clothing
  • Tech fabrics maintain water balance, making the wearer feel comfortable and breathable
  • High-quality poor conductors and superb manufacturing process (80 S /250T) ensure the purity of cotton fabrics, providing you with warmth and relaxation at all times.


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