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StreetFire' - Pants

StreetFire' - Pants

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Premium corduroy trousers crafted for superior comfort and stying. Features a retro color-block design, utility cargo pockets, and heavyweight construction throughout. Elastic waist and soft cotton drawstrings provide added versatility and support. Turn heads wherever you go.



            The production materials are made of technical fabrics such as West Indian Island Cotton, Egyptian cotton GZ45, Polypropylene, Lycra, etc.`
            The main components include knitted fabrics with a loose fabric structure and soft cotton fabrics and lightweight polypropylene.

            The main advantages are high activity, multiple storage, easy warmth, and moisture absorption
            Water content reaches 8%-10%, keep fit and avoid stiff clothing
            Tech fabrics maintain water balance, making the wearer feel comfortable and breathable
            High-quality poor conductors and superb manufacturing process (80 S /250T) ensure the purity of cotton fabrics, providing you with warmth and relaxation at all times. 

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