Best Streetwear Brand to buy in 2021

Best Streetwear Brand to buy in 2021

Fashion has stopped being frivolous a long time ago, now it adapts to people's daily lives and offers styles that anyone can handle. In this sense, streetwear is one of those trends that confirm this sentence, since it is a comfortable style suitable for all types of public, from young people to adults.

The best thing is you will always find good brands with top-quality garments, which keep up with current trends, so you will never be out of fashion. So, what is the main Streetwear Brand you should look for to start wearing this style in your life?

Well, we have to tell you, there is not a single option, but several; which makes the job of finding your style much more interesting, since you will have hundreds and hundreds of options to choose from.

1. Mugen Soul

We can simply not mention one of the most famous exponents of skateboarding and street style; Mugen Soul Streetwear. As a streetwear brand that was born a couple of decades ago in Toronto, it has become one of the most requested brands in this fashion, even having collaborations with other renowned stores.

In its stores you will find what dominates the world of streetwear fashion, so you will never be wrong if you choose something from a Mugen Soul Streetwear shelf. But of course, nowadays they have designer prices, although it is not very difficult to find some pieces at cheap prices, maybe it is not the ideal option for someone on a low budget.

2. Nike

We continue with the classic brands, although we know Nike is primarily a sports brand. However, within its collections, we can see clothes with which you can play and achieve a good street style without problems.

Nike has gone from simple comfortable training clothing to becoming a streetwear brand in recent years, even making collaborations with other brands like Supreme. Also, we cannot deny that a pair of Nike sneakers is a must-have to compliment your street look.

3. Stüssy

If there is a brand that puts streetwear where it is, that is Stüssy. It is possibly one of the oldest brands, created in the '80s as a store for personalized shirts for surfing.

But today he has revolutionized the world of urban style, taking ideas from tribes of skateboarders, surfers, hip-hop artists, and the style of ordinary city dwellers to put together their collections. So, in your wardrobe, you should at least have a Stüssy jacket.

4. Palace

If you are looking for a much more elegant streetwear brand, and even with a European touch, Palace is the option you have to visit. Because no rule prevents skaters from being classy from time to time.

The best thing about this brand is you can get it easily and it is quite recognizable, but it is not as famous as others that we have already mentioned. That may be an advantage because it means that the prices are considerably lower, but you will still stay stylish.

5. Off-white.

When it comes to combining exclusive designer clothing with the purest streetwear style, Off-White should be the first store that crosses your mind. Thanks to this brand, the urban and street style achieved what it lacked so much, being within the haute couture group.

Therefore, if you are looking for avant-garde designs, exclusive prints, and styles you will not find in conventional brands, then you have to go to Off-White. But remember to have a budget a little higher than what you used to, although we know that every penny will be worth it.


To achieve streetwear a little closer to hip-hop culture, then BAPE is the option for you. And here we find a big difference because this streetwear brand comes from Tokyo, but that has not stopped it from breaking down the barriers and going through all the cities in the world.

And how not to do it? If they have designed so exclusive and daring that everyone who calls himself bold must have at least one of these garments. So, if you want a hip-hop style, but flashy and loud, you have to go for BAPE.

7. Heron Preston

As you may have seen, combining streetwear and haute couture is not impossible, and Heron Preston is another example of this. With its outstanding jeans and shirts with totally original designs, you can stand out on the streets and wherever you go.

In addition, it is an exclusive brand that has been requested by the most prominent celebrities in the hip-hop industry. Therefore, if you are looking for a neat style with special and exclusive touches, then this is the best option for you.

8. Undercover

Another brand that has crossed borders; Undercover is a Japanese line that also achieved worldwide respect and recognition. All these thanks to his extravagant clothes, influenced by punk rock.

So, if you are looking for a much more alternative and daring street style, this is the brand you have to choose.

9. Obey

Counterculture is a basic ideology for streetwear, and Obey does a good job of combining activism and fashion in one place. Nor could we end this list without mentioning this clothing line, since it was highly appreciated since its launch in the urban world.

We all know the famous Obey label and it has become an icon in the streetwear industry, so do not think it has gone out of style.

10. Kith

If you are looking for something with a lot of logos but that maintains sobriety, Kith should be your choice. This brand has had collaborations and partnerships with various designers and other brands; therefore, you will find quite interesting collections on its shelves.

So, have you found the ideal streetwear brand for you? Of course, you do not have to choose just one, the best thing about this style of dress is that you can adjust all the garments in your favor, and make them part of your personality.


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