Our Origin

MUGEN "無限" is a a word in Japanese that literally means "Infinite" - which is the very concept that our core principles and design philosophy is deeply rooted. We believe that life is limitless, boundless; and essentially infinity. And we believe that the clothes we wear everyday does not only act as an extension but the manifestation of that infinity. Our styles are truly limitless.

Here at Mugen & Soul; we live, breath and focus on the latest urban fashion while providing simplicity and elegance through our signature products. 

Our mission is to ensure our customers feel confident in knowing that they will stay one step ahead of that ever-changing fashion curve; rocking the fresh and hottest drops. With our everyday amazing prices everyone can always afford to look their best. You define your outfit as much as your outfit defines you.  Never underestimate a good outfit on a bad day!

Since the very founding of our company, we've always put our customers satisfaction first - our principle is to provide world class experience that unmatched. This vision allowed us to grow from a local Canadian business to an international focused company that now ships worldwide over 73 countries, free of cost. 

We really hope you enjoy shopping here as much as we had fun creating this platform for you!

Welcome to Mugen & Soul Clothing! Infinite Styles For the Infinite Soul



Albert Wong & David Chu

Founders, Mugen & Soul Clothing