Get All the Attention by Rocking Mugen Soul Japanese Streetwear Pants

Mugen Soul Japanese fashion has come to the rest of the world to stay and one of the most striking garments are the many types of Japanese pants. However, many do not know how to combine these kinds of pants, or still have doubts if they would look good on their bodies.

But we have to tell you, these kinds of pants look good on a wide variety of body types. In men, it gives them an urban and comfortable appearance, as well as great mobility; and in more pierced girls it can achieve an androgynous but very functional appearance to achieve a robust style.

So where do you start to look like a Tokyo city man in Japanese pants? Next, we tell you everything you need to know.

How to dress like a Tokyo local

Before telling you how you can include good Japanese pants in your wardrobe, you should start by including all Japanese urban fashion in your wardrobe. You must have already noticed the fashion of this region of the world is quite versatile and experimental; being able to become minimalist and sober, until achieving much bolder and more striking looks.

The local urban style of Japanese cities is characterized mainly by playing with proportions, but also by having a touch of personalization; something that certainly makes each garment have a unique style depending on the person who wears it. And all of these are some of the things that make Japanese fashion so interesting.

With so many varieties, you will always find a style and an aesthetic that suits what you want. Because Japanese clothing styles are not based primarily on "fashion", but on the personal touch that each person can give to the same garment.

So, let's see how you can add your personal touch to Japanese-style pants.

Types of Japanese pants

Have we not told you yet there is more than one type of this kind of pants? Well yes, there is a more traditional version, which sticks to the ancient culture of the Japanese to a much more urban style for day-to-day outings. But make no mistake; both are very stylish garments that can be combined in many ways.

So, let's see in-depth what these types of Japanese pants are and how you can adapt them to your style.

Hakama or Samurai pants

This type of garment was not born simply for fashion but as part of the fighting costume of Japanese samurai and warriors. It is not common for a fashion statement to have such an interesting historical context, so let's see the origin of the Hakama pants.

These pants were usually long and have several pleats that had the function of protecting the legs of the warriors, so they were made with thick and resistant fabrics. Later, it became a garment that symbolized status among the nobles, and then it ceased to be clothing exclusively dedicated to men, to be used also by women.

Today we will find the modern version of these pants; you will no longer see them as their old versions with wide boots and with traditional pleats unless, of course, you are at a Japanese cultural event. The more modern versions of the Hakama tend to have lighter fabrics and fit at the calves, creating a lighter line and a style similar to a jogger.

And in terms of designs, we will see fabrics of different styles; with much more elaborate prints, suitable to be combined with a neutral upper garment.

Harem pants

This kind of Japanese pants have a less ancient origin and we can also find variants in other Asian cultures. However, these garments were introduced to Western fashion long before the Hakama, inspired by both Japanese fashion and Middle Eastern styles.

Today we can see them as baggy pants caught at the ankle, offering an oversized aesthetic characteristic of Japanese street fashion. You will also find them with different designs, some more characteristic of Arabic than Japanese culture, but which are equally versatile to combine in various styles.

In this way, Japanese fashion has been based on this class of garments to create loose styles, little stylized, but that shows a great personality on the streets. In addition to creating outfits suitable for a wide variety of activities and still maintain a good style.

How to combine Japanese pants in your daily outfits

Now let's see how you can introduce these garments in your day-to-day outfits. Let's start with the Hakama, and as we have already told you, these types of pants have evolved from their samurai times, so do not worry, you won't look like a shogun in the 21st century.

There are different variations of the Hakama pants, from the ankle-tight variants to some that resemble their ancestors. The easiest option to combine them is to use the layers and proportions to your advantage.

The Japanese with more stylized and thin figures tend to create volume with their Hakamas by combining them with wider garments on top, and with oversized vests for an urban and untidy aesthetic intentionally. While an option for more voluptuous female bodies is to combine this kind of pants with a much tighter upper garment with a defined line.

On the other hand, we cannot forget the harems pants, and these are a little more popular in the West and the rest of the world in general; so, you should not have much trouble combining them. First of all, they are ideal as training pants and for physical activities, so you are free to create your comfortable outfit for exercising.

Just as you can follow the sloppy aesthetic of the Japanese urban style by layering capable on your outfit, and creating a quite avant-garde style.

Anyway, these are just some of the possibilities with which you can play with your Japanese pants. For sure, you will find different combinations when the spark of fashion start imagination enters your life and start trying new trends.