What is Mugen Soul Streetwear and how do I wear it?

What is Streetwear and how do I wear it?

Many already know what it is and some have hardly heard of this style, but one thing is certain; streetwear is a form of fashion that has a long history but is still based on the same principles. Taking parts of the aesthetic from hip-hop fashion, some elements from haute couture and various cultures, this style is much more flexible than you might think.

Where did this way of dressing originate? How long has this trend been in fashion? Next, we will answer all these questions, in addition to giving you some tips on how to include this style in your way of dressing.

What is Streetwear?

This term is often used in modern fashion to refer to various ways of dressing because, in reality, it does not fit a single type of trend or a particular style. Streetwear is reflected in various styles that take certain elements taken from modern street culture, from elements of hip-hop fashion and skateboarding, to combine them with haute couture trends.

In this way, various subgenres of this style have emerged, characterized simply by referring to urban culture. Therefore, this style of dress is not simply to wear certain types of distinctive garments, but to represent the street and urban lifestyle in the way you dress to make it a unique and unrepeatable trend.

Origins of streetwear

It is impossible to know where Streetwear emerged specifically, but we can determine the first brands with this vision of fashion date back to the 80s in Southern California. These brands were not the huge companies we know today, but groups of surfers and artists promoting their custom t-shirts.

Later, these groups of artists and entrepreneurs were inspired by the street style of the people of Los Angeles. Likewise, other urban tribes also joined these trends, introducing emblematic characteristics to the street style, as happened with the rock punk, heavy metal, and new wave culture.

Soon, they were no longer about small groups of artists, but about entire stores and brands influenced by these styles; this produced an expansion throughout America and the world of this street style.

In the 2000s, the sneaker culture appeared, also influenced by the street style, and was quickly welcomed into this trend. While in 2010, streetwear took a step from being a mainly informal style to taking characteristics of haute couture and pop culture, to create a more luxurious street style.

Today, of course, street style has advanced to almost every country in the world, and every culture has contributed a part of what we know today as this iconic urban style. And that is why we can find a large number of variants as you can see below.

The many types of streetwear

Many urban cultures have had their influence on Streetwear; we already mentioned hip-hop culture and skateboarding, but after the 70s, new trends in music and fashion began to appear. That is how rock, punk, new wave, and heavy metal entered the arena of this fashion and are still valid today.

That is why you will not only find urban style in the form of wide boot pants, with oversized shirts and scarves on the head, reflecting the purest street hip-hop style. But also, urban fashion can be represented with the trends of all urban tribes, ancient or the most recent.

What do they all have in common to turn these styles into Streetwear? The answer is, in one way or another, each of these styles represents the streets and urban places of the larger cities.

That is why this style has crossed borders, adapting to the urban culture of all the countries it has touched. So, we can see differences in Asian and American street fashion, but they will always follow the same principles.


Tips for styling street style

So how can you adapt this wide variety of styles to your personality? Here are some tips.

1. Always look for comfort

The fashion statement of Streetwear is always to look comfortable, but also being comfortable is the priority. So, choose clothes you can wear that are casual, informal and that allow you to do all kinds of activities without bothering you.

Always remember; the looks you will recreate under these statements have to be adequate for skating, beyond other popular street activities.

2. Focus on layered clothing

Layers and volume are very important in this class of clothing, since if it does not look like something a skater would wear, then it is not a street style. So do not be afraid to put oversized coats over joggers, or garments that generate good volume.

3. Look for current artistic trends

Nowadays, street style is highly influenced by contemporary artistic trends, so you also have to be aware of this world. Likewise, this can help you achieve a much more personalized, avant-garde, and adjusted style for you.

4. Always have a good pair of sneakers

Another fashion statement that cannot be missing from your wardrobe; a good pair of sneakers. Sure, you can wear combat boots or other types of footwear, but sneakers should not go away your wardrobe for nothing in the world.

So, you need to be preparing for invest in the best quality sneakers on the market, and having a great variety of models and colors, to make a complete street wardrobe.

5. Be yourself

Last but not least, you have to be yourself and put part of your personality into each garment you wear. Because going against fashion standards and personalizing garments are some of the most basic aspects from which Streetwear was born.

So, do not be afraid to get started in this trend, because you will find your place in the world very easily. Thanks to the wide variety of sub-styles, you will see there will always be something perfect for you and you can feel comfortable with what you wear.

What are you waiting for renew your old wardrobe with all these advices and tips?

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