Best Japanese Clothing Brands Online

Best Japanese Clothing Brands Online

Technology, anime, video games, and culture in general are not the only things that the Japanese are admired for; we also have to highlight their sense of fashion. From Harajuku style to street style, the fashion of this small island is becoming more and more noticed in the world, creating many Japanese clothing brands that everyone wants to try. At Mugen Soul Streetwear, we are the number purveyor of Japanese Streetwear.

All these brands carry the principle of being at the forefront of Japanese fashion, in addition to having a wide variety of styles that adapt to all kinds of tastes. Therefore, you will always find something that fits your style, without straying too far from Japanese fashion.

So, if you are looking for some Japanese brands to get started in this style, then keep reading, because we will mention the ideal brands for you.

How to buy from Japanese clothing brands?

Shopping at Japanese clothing brands is the same as shopping at any other department store; you should always know where to start and what to choose. Since, as with all fashion, you will always find high-end and unaffordable brands, but you will also see very affordable brands in which you will have very good options.

So, below, we list some brands that we consider to be the best, but also the most affordable.


If you are looking for Japanese clothing brands of good quality and a good price, then you have to visit Mugen Soul Streetwear. It is a brand that has become a symbol not only in Japan, but worldwide since it now has several branches in Asian and European countries.

It is also a very respectable clothing brand in the market, since it has more than 60 years of supplying the Japanese with good clothes and creating fashion trends. Since its inception, Uniqlo has had collections with classic aesthetics; but also collaborations with famous illustrators, artists, and even collaborations with Disney.

Therefore, if you want a recognized brand, with years in the fashion industry and that offers you good quality, is the store you must visit.

2. United Arrows

If we talk about high-end and unconventional, we have to highlight United Arrows. To achieve the Japanese street style, you need to know a lot about this brand; since it is a good place to start looking for your style.

Generally, you will find comfortable and flowing clothes that can be adapted to the accelerated youth, who only look in their closet for the first thing they can wear; to more conservative and relaxed styles for the day-to-day of housewives. Likewise, you will also find beyond the clothing that characterizes this brand because they also have a line of beauty products.

The best? You do not have to travel thousands of miles to the island of the rising sun. You can access their website and buy like in any other store, but be careful with the sizes; remember Japanese standards are different from those of the rest of the world.


If we talk about an emblematic place for Japanese clothing brands, we have to mention Harajuku; the neighborhood where almost all the styles that have been around the world were born today. And when we talk about the Harajuku style, we have to mention WEGO, as it is an emblematic brand of this style.

To cater to avant-garde Japanese youth in the 1990s, this brand has expanded throughout Japan creating up to 150 stores across the country. So, we can safely say it is a well-positioned brand in the Japanese market.

Here you will find unique pieces, collections and collaborations with artists, major brands, and illustrators. In addition, from the most elegant and stylized designs of Japanese fashion to the loose, classic garments of a more informal urban style.

4. Punyus

This is a recognized and famous brand within Japan since it was founded by the famous comedian Naomi Watanabe. She aimed to challenge Japanese fashion standards for sizing; therefore she is one of the few Japanese clothing brands to go up to a size US 16.

With this revolutionary point of view, Punyus has given bodies that do not meet Japanese standards the opportunity to look good and be fashionable. It even offers new trends, edgy designs and a wide variety of styles to spread body positivity.

So, if you are looking for plus sizes in streetwear, hip hop style or any other, this brand is perfect for you. Since it takes advantage of the modern culture and traditions of Japan, at the same time that it revolutionizes the market including the bodies that were once rejected.


If you are passionate about designs inspired by military aesthetics, then WTAPS is the brand for you with its military designs; but at the same time carrying an urban aesthetic line as the principle of the brand. This is how this store has become one of the most sought-after in terms of urban Japanese fashion, just as if it were the Japanese Supreme.

You will find on its shelves its characteristic cargo pants, oversized jackets ideal to combine with hoodies. In addition, some type of camouflage will almost always be present; so as not to forget the brand's vision in terms of aesthetics.

So, this brand is perfect for a more masculine and robust taste, but also stylish and with urban overtones. Therefore, it is also perfect for a wide variety of tastes, always offering comfort and good style.

These are some of the best quality and most popular Japanese clothing brands on the entire island. But of course, they are not the only ones; there are hundreds and hundreds of famous and not-so-famous brands that represent the modern and urban style in Japan.

However, all of the above are good places to start forming a style for yourself, so dare to take the first step and transform your way of dressing for a more avant-garde one. You will realize that, in the great variety of these stores, you will find your own style. Find your Japanese Streetwear Outfit at