Mugen Soul Combat Joggers, Streetwear Joggers

Getting an Iconic Look with Combat Joggers

Mugen and Soul Combat Joggers are essential to achieve a large number of modern styles and outfits. Above all, if you want to have a streetwear style, you must have a pair of joggers in your wardrobe.

This type of clothing is the beginning of urban styles since it perfectly sums up all the bases on which these fashions sit. Because they are comfortable, they have a sporty but quite neat appearance, they are extremely functional and you can combine them with other types of garments.

So how to stand out with this type of jogger in the world of fashion? Next, we mention everything you need to know.

Benefits of combat joggers

Joggers were originally made to exercise and do training, since they have an aesthetic line and light materials ideal for doing all kinds of activities. Another important feature is they fit very well at the waist and ankles, so you will not have to worry about accidents caused by loose clothing.

That is why joggers have become an essential garment for those who practice sports or train constantly. But then what about combat joggers? What is special about them?

You see, as with any garment that enters the world of fashion, joggers have been adjusted to various styles and tastes, with a wide variety of designs and prints. Therefore, the so-called combat joggers have a particular design, which reminds us of tactical and military uniforms.

The best thing is they do not lose the benefits of ordinary joggers at all, since these also tend to be incredibly comfortable and suitable for all kinds of activities. But, above all, they stand out for their functionality, since you can see them with accessories such as harnesses and large pockets, to achieve a Techwear style.

So, for a sporty comfortable look, but with a more interesting aesthetic than the common one, these types of lower garments are perfect for you.

What brands have the best combat joggers?

As with the rest of the fashion world, various brands have taken over combat joggers and given them a special touch. Sure, they are all based on the same streetwear principle; It should always be comfortable and functional, but with some peculiarities that distinguish each one.

Therefore, you do not know where to buy this kind of urban fashion garments; we recommend that you take a look at the following brands:

1. Gymshark

When it comes to sporty looks and comfortable clothes to do all kinds of activities, Gymshark has the best of the best in terms of quality. This brand offers top-of-the-line materials, as well as the most popular and trendy workout apparel designs.

But we won't talk about that much here, because what interests us is their line of combat joggers. And in this case, they have good classic designs, simple to use, and very functional for your day-to-day.

2. Mugen Soul (

For a much more urban and less neutral look, Mugen Soul has the collections you are looking for. With a line of joggers with all the designs you can imagine, with prints, neutral colors, and the ones you are looking for; combat joggers with included strategic pockets.

3. Kyogen Society

If you want to resemble Japanese urban fashion, Kyogen Society is the ideal brand for you, since you will find the kind of tactical joggers you are looking for to achieve a defined style. Not to mention they have top quality material, fresh and light, but that will not make you go unnoticed.

4. Adidas

Of course, we could not forget the big sports brands, and if we want to talk about quality and exclusivity, Adidas is a good option. In this famous brand, you will also find a line of classic, combat joggers, and even with the patterns, you want.

5. Nike

Finally, another big brand for you to keep in mind you can find this trend on the most famous shelves on the market. So do not be afraid to go for a walk one day to the shelves of Nike, or your favorite sports brand, because surely you will find the most current trends and many ways to combine them.

How to wear them?

Now, we have already told you the benefits and the best brands of combat joggers we have been able to find for you. We just need to give you a couple of tips on how to use them properly, and in a way in which you steal the eyes of everyone around you.

Let's start with a basic streetwear look; these types of joggers are perfect in monochrome tones and oversized tops. The slim and tight line of the joggers will give you a very well-proportioned aesthetic if you use a hoodie or a jacket that complements the style, and of course, we cannot forget a good pair of sneakers.

If you feel bolder, you can opt for a Techwear look, which will be perfect with this type of joggers. The statement of this style is to combine functionality, practicality, and comfort in the same outfit, but in a much more strategic way.

In this case, you should pay attention to the materials of your jogger because preferably they should be made of a resistant material, waterproof and that is light for you. Forget about double-layered fabrics that make it easy to rub against the skin, opt for lighter fabrics for more comfortable use.

Finally, do not forget to complement your outfit with the appropriate accessories, such as belts, fanny packs, harnesses, chains, and everything else you can think of. And always wear a type of footwear that is comfortable for you and that stand out from your entire outfit.

Have you seen that it is not so difficult to wear combat joggers in your day-to-day? Then go to your nearest store or stay at home and look for the online streetwear stores that you like, buy the model that best suits your tastes and express your personality through your clothes.