Mugen Soul Techwear: the aesthetic post-apocalyptic fashion

Techwear: the aesthetic post-apocalyptic fashion

The future of fashion is apocalyptic as the Japanese Techwear trend indicates; an avant-garde way of dressing that comes from the streets of Japan. We have surely seen Japanese urban fashion is always distinguished from the street style of the rest of the world, and with this trend there is no exception.

This kind of fashion has already crossed borders, going from South Korea to certain European countries, crossing the seas to reach America. But, is this fashion really for everyone? What should you consider to get into this trend? Let’s answer all of these questions and more.

What is Techwear and where does it come from?

As we already mentioned, Techwear comes from Japanese street fashion; like all counterculture trends, it focuses on going against common fashion standards. But of course, it has an aesthetic mark that is the insignia of this style.

One of the characteristics of this trend is that it must not only maintain the aesthetics of the street style, but it must also be functional and comfortable for day-to-day. And we already know what you are thinking, many trends have these purposes, so exactly what is it that characterizes Techwear?

Well, it has everything we have already mentioned, but with an aesthetic line that reminds us of military elements, punk rock garments, and a slightly dystopian and futuristic air. We mean; you might recognize someone wearing this style since they look like they came out of a science fiction movie from the future.

Techwear trends

The main differentiator of this trend is the materials used in the garments. We already mentioned designers of this style look for functionality and comfort, in addition to aesthetics; that is why they use fabrics and materials that can provide durability, resistance to water, and friction with the skin.

Therefore, the main trend, and one that will never go out of style in this style, is multifunctionality from the very basics. In terms of details, we will also find utilitarian elements in other fashions, but here they complement this post-apocalyptic aesthetic very well, such as; zippers, hooks, metal eyelets, straps, snaps, harnesses, and spacious pockets.

Color is not a limitation, although we will always see this trend in black in its entirety, from shoes to upper garments. But we can also find Techwear in other neutral colors, such as white and beige; always following the standard, everything must be unicolor.

Finally, accessories play a fundamental role in this style; for example, bags, fanny packs, face masks, and even gas masks are flagship accessories of this style. And of course, it is possible to see them combined with punk rock elements, such as picks, chains, and pins.

How to master this style

This style is characterized by being quite neat but detailed, unlike other Japanese streetwear trends, which are based on the comfort and looseness of the garments. But that does not mean it is not easy to find yourself in this style; you just have to look at the core of the sporty and useful, in addition to following these tips:

1. The essential: a cool jacket

All Techwear outfits must have a good, waterproof, resistant jacket, which also a design that comfortably allows movement. As for aesthetics, you should pursue a sporty or even military-style, always in a neutral color, preferably black.

You can also select jackets designed in layers, especially if you live in a place where winters are abundant. So, you will be abiding by the standards of comfort and functionality, but always remember; the jacket is a must-have in this trend.

You can also wear denim, leather, or field jackets, as long as they stick to comfort and functionality. In addition, with this you can give a special and personal touch to this trend, without breaking with the aesthetics you are looking for.

2. Cargo pants

Good cargo pants or combat pants should not be missing in your wardrobe, and these should have some basic characteristics. The first is the number and arrangement of the pockets; they must be many and located in strategic places so they are at your fingertips.

Likewise, they must be made of a comfortable fabric, resistant to friction, waterproof, and with which you have perfect mobility. And as for the design line, you can choose between tight pants or wider ones that allow better movement.

3. Combat boots or sports shoes

The general rule is to have neutral-colored sneakers, preferably in black, and comfortable to do all kinds of activities. Always remember this rule: your entire Techwear wardrobe must be extremely functional, yet aesthetic.

And if you prefer a much rougher style, you can also combine your entire outfit with combat boots. These are sure to add a lot of personality to your outfit, as well as an aesthetic worthy of being in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie.

4. The right accessories

Never forget about accessories, because in this trend they are also very important. Caps, glasses, masks, and watches are fully allowed; as well as bags with a solid and sober appearance, and fanny packs tied to cargo pants with harnesses.

As we already mentioned, even gas masks are a perfect accessory when we talk about Techwear, since it gives it a much more interesting aesthetic. But remember, all this should be comfortable for you to wear, so do not wear something that will bother you throughout the day, as it goes against the standards of this trend.

If you take all of this into account, trust us you are going to rock this trend like no other. Just remember the basics, you must be comfortable, use layers to your advantage, stay with a neutral or monochromatic tone, and that your entire outfit is fully functional.

When you master these rules, you will realize that being in vogue with current Japanese trends is not as distant as it sounds. So, what are you waiting for to try to change your style for a fresh and urban one? You are sure to be the center of attention with this new style.