Top 10 Japanese Streetwear Trends of 2021

Japanese fashion has already taken over the world, reaching places that we would never think would arrive. Thanks to the influence of "Idols", anime and video games; Japanese streetwear has also reached the hearts of many people in the world. At Mugen Soul (, we effortleslly to bring you the highest quality of Japanese Streetwear.

But of course, like all fashion, we must always be aware of what is and what not a trend is today. So, let's see what is hot in Japanese Street Fashion in 2021.

How to recognize Japanese streetwear?

First of all, it is almost impossible to define Japanese streetwear specifically. It is not like we can just say “Oh, it is the baggy pants style,” since this style goes far beyond a simple piece of clothing.

Many define this class of styles as a great variety of experimental looks, but in which the level of personalization the person who uses them predominates. In other words, it is not simply based on fashion and what is in trend; but is a reflection of the personalities of the inhabitants of urban areas of Japan.

That is why you will find various trends that do not fit the same style, but that can be used together to create your unique style of Japanese streetwear.

Best trends you need to try

Next, we leave you the most current trends that will always be in fashion within Japanese streetwear.

1. Hip Belt Bags

A trend that has returned from the 80s to stay again is the hip belt packs or banana bags, and they are very practical and convenient to use; at the same time, they can be sporty, informal, or elegant. Therefore, you will find various brands and styles you can adapt to your clothing.

Not forgetting they are quite useful, because you will not have to depend on your hands to hold your belongings. Simply adjust the hip belt packs to your hips or waist, and you will not only have an accessory that complements your outfit very well, but also an item where you can store everything you need to spend the day.

Make use for hip belt packs with a sports line to achieve an informal and casual look and look for more elegant fanny packs, from magnate brands, to get a more classic and formal outfit.

2. Oversized Garments

The oversized garments are a fashion statement of Japanese streetwear, and you cannot miss one of these garments in your wardrobe if you want to emulate this style of dress. This fashion is characterized by playing with a heavy and dramatic silhouette, while using the proportions to your advantage.

Therefore, the rule in this trend is the bigger the better; so, dare to wear sweatshirts over maxi dresses, winter vests over baggy pants, and heavy shoes to balance baggy clothes. And do not be afraid to see yourself wider than normal, because it is the idea of ​​this trend.

3. Denim is still a trend

Since it arrived in the world of fashion, denim has never left us. Instead, it has been transformed and adapted to all kinds of current trends; so we can say that it is a timeless, casual, and fun garment wherever it is.

And there are many garments made with denim that can fit into Japanese streetwear without any problem. Like oversized jackets or simple denim pants to combine with a neutral top.

4. Stand out your colors

Japanese streetwear is not afraid of colors at all, although we always see the trends are neutral colors. The most daring fashionists and influencers in this Asian country have opted in recent years for bolder, more vibrant and striking colors.

In this case, this trend is not about complementing neutral colors with bright colors but using a whole palette of vibrant colors.

5. High boots and sneakers

Another current fashion statement of this year is the shoes with high soles, and no, we are not talking precisely about heels. Remember; one of the rules of this style is to always remain comfortable and this can be achieved with a good pair of high boots and heavy-soled sneakers, which appear so much on the shelves today.

6. Post-apocalyptic looks

Taking into account the events of the last two years, many have taken the post-apocalyptic theme very seriously and adapted it to their clothing. So, one of the current trends is to wear clothes that we would see in movies at the end of the world from day to day.

7. The joggers always stays

As you have already seen, comfort is still a fashion statement for this style, so joggers and Japanese pants aren't leaving the market yet. They are also a garment that you must have in your closet to achieve that sloppy, informal look, but with a lot of urban personalities.

8. Long and bold cardigans

Who says streetwear cannot be stylish? Long and thick cardigans are a trend for people who want to achieve a more formal style, but following the foundations of streetwear. So, we continue with the fashion statement of knowing how to combine the capable, the proportions, and the textures in your favor.

9. Sporty and classy

The sporty aesthetic has a good place in Japanese streetwear, mainly with a clean, monochromatic palette on loose-fitting cotton garments. These combinations not only make the outfits look comfy and with attitude, but they provide an elegance that you cannot deny.

10. High waist is for everyone

Although high waist garments were rejected for a few decades, today they are perfect for streetwear trends in Japan. We already know what you are thinking; these tight waists go against the loose and comfortable garments that we have mentioned, but pay attention.

These types of garments are perfect to maintain the proportions of your outfit and accentuate those parts that you want to accentuate. And with an oversized blazer or jacket on top, you can achieve the perfect urban look.

Would you dare to wear these current trends of Japanese streetwear? Do not hesitate to take the big step to this great style. Shop our largest collections of Japanese Streetwear and Techwaear at Mugen Soul Streetwear (